3 ways to master the art of going sockless

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It’s summer. Does that mean it’s time to unleash your MANKLE?

No need to switch to another tab to Google;‘mankle’ is a Spring-Summer trend of men going sockless. You heard that right! Menare increasingly interested in showing off their ankles, either by goingcompletely sockless or appearing to be sockless. So, if you want to get withit, here’s how:

  1. Sock less doesn’t really mean SOCK LESS

The goal of the naked ankles is to show off the shoes in all its glory. You don’t actually have to sacrifice on wearing socks for that. So, the first thing you should know is you still need socks to go sockless. Because of the mankle mania, there are no-show, invisible socks out in the market, some of them even have rubber grips on the heel to preventthem from slipping off. So, when we say sockless, we mean invisible socks.

     2. Right trousers worn the right way

Be it jeans or chinos or smart trousers, they should all end at the ankle or just above it, so the best option is to wear cropped trousers. As for the fit, slim, tailored or skinny legwear.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make do with your uncropped ones. Here’s how:

  • Chinos – Fold the hem over afew times to the desired height.
  • Jeans – Pinch the excess fabricon the inside of the leg and fold back against the ankle before rolling it overonto itself. Perfect for showing off your favourite pair of sneakers.
  • Trousers – Turn the trousers upwith measured precision. Perfect for a more business casual look.

      3. Of course, it’s all aboutthe shoes!

The whole point of mankle is to give yourshoes a chance to shine. So, it’s important you rock the right pair.

  • Low-cut boots: work well with denims. Make sure the colour of the shoes complements the wash of the denim.
  • Drivers and loafers: perfect with linen trousers and chinos. You can achieve a flawless smart casual look if you pair them with cropped smart trousers.
  • Sneakers: You can rock them with a pair of cropped smart trousers, jeans or chinos and of course, with joggers.
  • Derbies: If you dare, you can try a mankle in suits too! But always go for cropped suit trousers and pair them with derbies.

That’s all you need to know about the “mankle” and the art of sporting them. So, go forth and show some skin before it goes out of style!

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