4 Steps To A Dazzling Shine

A gentleman is always well-groomed and a well-shined pair of shoes is always part of his ensemble. Getting that radiant shine can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Use a clean dry cotton cloth to remove dust from the shoe’s surface and the edges of the sole.
  2. Now, to soften the leather and replace its natural oils, apply a marble-sized amount of shoe cream using a clean cotton cloth or a shoe cream applicator. Slowly massage the cream in concentric circles onto the leather until most of it is absorbed. Make sure the cream is a shade lighter than our shoes, so that it covers the scratches, or use a neutral colour on light shades.
  3. Here comes the most important part and before we even get into it, know that liquid polish is never good for your leather, so we are talking about the dry ones here. Apply the shoe polish onto the leather using a soft horse hair brush (use different brushes for different colours) or a clean cotton cloth. If you are using a cloth, follow these steps before applying:
    • Wrap the corner of the cloth around the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand.
    • Twist the remainder of the cloth to tighten the portion around your fingers, holding the twisted remainder in the palm of your hand.
  4. Let the shoes dry for 10minutes and then buff them with a soft hair brush, preferably a horsehair brush. In addition to that, use a soft clean dry cotton cloth for a high lustre.

Now you are ready to go forth and dazzle!

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