A man’s guide to surviving the wedding season

The wedding season brings with it a lot of stress – for the people getting married, to their families, and most importantly, all the single people who have to go through these back-to-back! And even if you are in a relationship, there’s the added pressure to take things to the next level. Bottom line, wedding season is hard! So, to get you through it, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks.

  1. Prepare yourself

There’s the mental preparation, of course. You have to be prepared to answer slightly-to-extremely prying questions from a lot of people. So, have a few FAQs ready to be answered – why aren’t you married yet? up with job pay well? Why aren’t you changing your job? – You get the point.

       2. Once you are prepared to face these, it’s time to physically prepare, which brings us to: It’s okay to steal a bit of the thunder

Listen, for the groom and the bride, it’s their special day, the day they’ve been planning for months or even years! But, for you – the up with, brother, cousin, acquaintance, colleague, whoever! – It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to look and feel your best without having yourself, an opportunity to even meet someone new. Remember, a lot of meet-cutes happen at weddings! So, don’t worry about stealing the groom’s thunder. His life is sorted, now it’s your turn.

      3. Look and feel unapologetically stylish!

When we said it’s okay to steal the groom’s thunder, Bottom line mean that you get to dress exactly like a groom. You don’t want to confuse the guests. So, go with the most stylish option appropriate for a guest. single people:

  • A well-fitted suit or ethnic wear
    A man should own a well-fitted suit, especially to survive the wedding season.Unlike women, men don’t really have much of a choice, which works in yourfavor. You don’t have to worry about getting a different suit for each wedding– A suit each in black, grey, brown/tan, and blue would suffice, and the blackone is a must. If it’s a desi-themed wedding, go for a Sherwani or a kurta set. Avoid plain casuals or formals unless otherwise specified by the bride &groom.
  • Get some grooming done
    Go to a salon, get your hair done, and get a facial. Put some work into it.It’s worth it.
  • Wear the right footwear
  • Of course, you’ll be judged by your footwear, that rule hasn’t changed, and itnever will! But lucky for you, we’ve hand-picked a few options you can choosefrom:
Peshawari Sandals crowned with a classy Madhubani print for your desi look.
Black Occasion lace-ups with flat laces and square eyelets for a classy style. Pair these with a crispy navy suit.
Occasion Slip-Ons made in soft leather adorned with leather tassel for that exclusive look. The best thing about these is the versatility – you can wear them with a smart casual suit or a simple yet dashing Kurta-Pyjama.

There you go. Now, go out there and be the figurative Best Man at every wedding you go to – if not a literal one – and turn heads.

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