The evolution of footwear: Meet Shoe 2.0

Can you imagine a world without shoes?

Journey down the timeline with us and you’ll see why early inventors saw the need to bring about a carefully designed device that functionally equipped man to take the leap (pun intended) and also finally give him an accessory he cared about.

This of course, were times of yore when shoes were of a primary design, colour and material, and hardly bore any variation from the standard type. With time and the mutation of our needs, desires and idea of apparel itself, shoes have gone from simply being a functional device to a fully fledged wardrobe necessity that caters to style and comfort alike.

What changed? Let’s take a brief look!

The evolution of comfort:

The earliest shoes to have been discovered were characterised by climate conditions, varying in design and material. From wrinkled animal skin, to thick leather and warmed up fur, to palm leaves and papyrus fibres, shoes were an adaptation of the terrain and necessity of a particular region.
With migration and the exchange of cultures, footwear began to incorporate more design elements that reflected class and status.

The evolution of style:

The Migration Period marked the style revolution of shoe wear, wherein the discovery of the the “heel” lead to a major stride in western footwear fashion and further newer models of longer sandals that stretched to the knees and bore lace were in trend. For a large part of its career, shoes and shoe making were largely dictated by men. Men were the first to wear shoes and were always considered the standard, while

The modern day shoe:

Cut down to thousands of years later where modern day shoe is a great mix of functionality and design. From the separation of men’s and women’s footwear in the early 1800s, shoes have evolved to meet style and comfort alike. Technological advances in the 20th century changed the face of shoe wear drastically and modern day shoes cater to every occasion, mood and preference.

Meet Shoe 2.0: Aircube

What is the impact of this in the newest shoe prodigy from Ruosh? While never straying away from history in our foundation, we carefully make headway to incorporate cutting edge technology into footwear that gives our wearer a perfect symphony between style and comfort.

Intricately engineered for comfort, meet Aircube, or as we like to call it, Shoe 2.0, with the breakthrough technology of soaks most of the pressure off your feet without compromising on our classic design elements that keep your feet in style.

Don’t hesitate to walk down to your nearest Ruosh and pick up a pair of Aircube and experience engineered comfort today!

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