What does wearing funky socks say about you?

For men’s socks, the golden rule has always been a pretty easy one: when it comes to colour, wear a pair that matches your trousers.  Then, why do we keep seeing some well-dressed powerful gentlemen – some of them world leaders! – wear the funkiest, craziest socks with their million-dollar outfits? What’s happening?

It’s not a secret that what you wear affects how others see you, which affects how you see yourself. Now, this might sound unfair and hectic, but it’s not exactly a bad thing. If someone’s perception of you depends on what you wear, it means you have complete control over it. And now that the millennials – who are known to challenge the norm and value individuality above everything – are taking over the corporate space, they are bound to shake things up a bit. And that might well be the reason for the rise of these funky socks!

But what exactly are the benefits? What does wearing funky socks do for you?

  1. It makes you approachable
    Having something over-the-top as a part of your outfit sets a perception that you think creatively and that you have a playful side, which makes you approachable.
  2. It’s the safest way to stand out
    Now, choosing socks to be the over-the-top part of your appearance is comparatively safer than having an over-the-top pair of sunglasses or a Mohawk. It’s comparatively more subtle and – thanks to Justin Trudeau – more acceptable.
  3. It makes you look powerful
    Speaking of Trudeau, it’s to be noted that, although these socks make you seem playful and approachable, it also makes you a rebel. Someone who is powerful enough to break the norm. Someone who earned their right to do so.
  4. It ironically makes you a style icon
    This is ONLY if you do it right. As in, have the perfect outfit – in terms of fit, colour, style – have the perfect pair of shoes , and then throw in the fun socks in the ensemble. This makes sure that people know you haven’t just worn some random socks, that even though your socks might be too bright or colourful to go with your outfit – according to the traditional fashion rules anyway – you know exactly what you are doing. It’s almost as if you are daring the world to be more playful, to be different, to stand out. And that’s exactly what style icons do.

Sure, funky socks are not a mandatory style trend every man is expected to follow, but if you choose to do so – and do it right – they could actually change the way you are perceived.

Now, if you are planning to get in on this trend, the first thing to do is to build a collection of the most colourful, playful, and funkiest socks and for that, you can visit your nearest Ruoshstore and pick from our exclusive collection of Happy Socks.



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